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  How they work    
  Updated: Aug 11 2005    
  The DOC series of traps are designed to be operated by all people. Once set they are triggered as the target animal moves across the treadle plate, springing the trap using it's own weight as it approaches the bait or moves through the trap tunnel.
Please see Instructions for information on setting the traps.
  Report on humanness
A large part of the DOC series trap development was to provide a tool that is humane for the target pest species. To this end the DOC contracted Landcare Research Ltd to test the Doc series of traps against an internationally recognised set of criteria - NAWAC standards. A copy of these results can be downloaded from the link below.
Download results
  Comparative trials
To give trappers confidence that the Doc series of traps are as good as previous tools/traps we have set up two trials in the Northern Te Urewera. These trials will run for two years before all the data is analysed but here are the preliminary results after one year.

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