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Warm Greetings and welcome to a website focused on conservation in New Zealand .
This site aims to help all people who wish to actively protect our land and it's living taonga.

This website will inform you of three new types of humane kill traps developed by the Department of Conservation and Philip Waddington. These traps are designed to assist conservationists with their protection of native species that have almost been wiped out by introduced predators.

These traps are truly innovative and responsible.

  • The DOC 150 and 200 are the only traps in the world that target and
    kill 3 pest predators - stoats, rats and hedgehogs
  • The DOC 250 is the only trap in the world that targets and humanely
    kills 4 pest predators - ferrets, stoats, rats and hedgehogs
  • The DOC 250 is the only trap on the new zealand market that
    kills ferrets
  • In 2004 the doc series of traps won the technology section of the
    Bearing Point Awards
    for Innovation by the public sector therefore
    being recognized by independent agencies as truly innovative in
    design see www.innovationawards.co.nz

Please understand that these traps and all the information contained within this website is for the benefit of all New Zealanders with the ultimate aim of protecting and retaining the last remnants of New Zealand's unique living toanga.

Please inform us about how we can improve this website.